Tell DoDEA Director: Stop Trying To Impose Contracts on DOD Schools Employees

Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Director Thomas Brady again is failing to treat his own employees with respect. Mr. Brady and his contract negotiation team have refused to continue bargaining a fair contract with FEA's Stateside Region (FEA SR).

DoDEA management has requested that the Federal Services Impasse Panel (FSIP) take jurisdiction over the negotiations process so it can force implementation of DoDEA's version of a new Master Labor Agreement on Stateside schools employees. DoDEA knows the FSIP is comprised of political appointees with clear tendencies to side against workers and unions, and is likely to impose management's version of the new MLA in its entirety.


Tell DoDEA Director Tom Brady to treat his employees with respect. Write an email now, and tell him to stop this charade.

Mr. Brady must quit trying to use the FSIP as cover for management's plan to force a hurtful contract on DoDEA employees. Urge Mr. Brady to have DoDEA resume negotiations on a new contract immediately.

** Make sure to write while you are off duty and off government property, using your own computer and personal (non DoDEA) email account. **

DoDEA knows that, under labor laws, FEA cannot stop the FSIP from taking jurisdiction over the process, nor can we appeal the FSIP's decision to any other body once it does impose the new contract. Only DoDEA can prevent this damage by withdrawing its request to the FSIP.

Mr. Brady and DoDEA are attempting to circumvent the negotiations process and use the FSIP to act in a dictatorial manner that will hurt the working and learning environments in DoDEA.

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