What DoDEA's Plan To Force A New Contract On Stateside Schools Means for Educators, Students

Management's imposed contract will extend the workday by an hour or more each day with no additional compensation for employees. Worse still, the extra time will be mandated for poorly planned and ineffective management-directed trainings instead of for useful lesson planning or teaching time to boost education. This change will disrupt student activities before and after school and make it more difficult for staff to serve as advisors/coaches due to a lack of time.

Management's imposed contract will force educators to lose the current guarantee they have of at least 225 minutes per week of planning time, which is used to develop lesson plans (including those for use by subs), prepare classroom materials, grade assignments and work with students needing extra assistance. Instead, management could require employees to attend meetings or assign them random duties during the time that should be used for planning and grading classwork.

Management's imposed contract will no longer guarantee educators release time when they are reassigned to a new classroom or subject level. Instead, authority to take release time -- which is used by educators for things like moving into and setting up a new classroom or preparing to teach a subject or curriculum they are suddenly reassigned to teach -- would be solely at the discretion of administrators, who often have minimal classroom experience.

Management's imposed contract will provide no additional compensation to employees if additional workdays were assigned to make up for cancelled instructional days due to inclement weather. Make up days could be scheduled during holiday or spring breaks, disrupting plans of students' families.

Management's imposed contract will eliminate the current 3 percent raise and tie increases to the GS schedule for the first five years, possibly resulting in a pay freeze. Beyond the first five years, educators would receive no increases at all unless a new contract that included a salary increase was agreed upon. Satisfaction levels among DoDEA employees, already among the lowest in the federal government, will sink even lower. As we often say: "Educators' working conditions are students' learning conditions!"

If successful in this effort for Stateside schools, DoDEA also plans to use the FSIP to impose a new contract on employees in Overseas schools in the months ahead.