FEA-SR and DoDEA Meet With FSIP

posted October 22, 2018

This Tuesday, October 23, FEA's Stateside Region will meet with representatives of DoDEA and the Federal Service Impasses Panel (FSIP).

As previously reported, the FSIP, at DoDEA management's request, has asserted jurisdiction over negotiations for a new Master Labor Agreement (MLA) for the Stateside bargaining unit.

FEA-SR is hoping the two sides can meet and come to agreement on the remaining unresolved contract issues. Doing so, however, will require management to show a willingness to compromise it has not exhibited to this point.

Among the harmful changes DoDEA seeks to have the FSIP impose in a new Stateside contract, are:

  • Extending the duty day to 8 hours with no added compensation. This is being sought despite the fact FEA members worldwide, in a recent survey, reported working an average of 17 hours per week outside the duty day already to complete their work obligations
  • Eliminating the guarantee of 225 minutes of planning time per week, threatening to allow management to impose even more non-essential duties that take up time educators should be allowed to spend planning and conducting student learning
  • Ending the three percent annual increase in salaries and instead tying any future salary increases to those enacted for the GS scale. This is sought at a time the White House has repeatedly declared its desire to freeze the GS schedule for all employees

Exactly how the process will play out and how long before final resolution is uncertain, though the FSIP has indicated it wants to come to resolution as quickly as possible. The two sides have already scheduled an additional meeting day for this Thursday, October 25, since the matter is unlikely to be settled in just one day. Should FEA-SR and DoDEA not reach an agreement, the FSIP can impose a settlement upon both sides.

We will keep our members informed of any developments or decisions and, regardless the outcome, we will continue to advocate for better working conditions and student learning conditions throughout DoDEA schools.