Tell Congress to Keep Our Schools Strong

Threats to basic workers' rights and the possibility of Stateside DoD schools being turned over to nearby school districts are a major threat to the quality and stabiity of Department of Defense schools.

All supporters of DoDEA schools are encouraged to lobby their members of Congress this summer. In particular, we must lobby Congress to delay implementation of the Pentagon's National Security Personnel System, and to show support for DDESS schools if the possibility of transferring them to local school systems is proposed.

The most effective way for you to lobby is by making an appointment to visit your legislators' local office. You can find information on the office nearest to your home by visiting your Senators' and Representative's Web pages at and

When visiting your Senator or Representative, bring along a printed copy of the Information Sheets we have provided on NSPS and DDESS Transfers. Leave a copy of the information sheet for one or both topics with the staff members with whom you meet.

Review our Tips for Lobbying to prepare for the visit to your legislator's office. If you are unable to pay a personal visit, call or write your legislators using the sample letters and phone scripts provided below.

Be sure to email FEA if you need any additional information or assistance.

Please remember, you should not use government computers or other equipment to download or forward lobbying information, nor should you read or otherwise act on it during duty time.