2014 Candidates for Area Director Positions

The following FEA members have been nominated for seats on the FEA Board of Directors as listed below.

Information on the candidates will be included in the February 2014 FEA Journal newsletter and sent to each FEA building representative/FRS, as well as being posted on this Web site.

Other details about this year's FEA Area Director elections, can be found at the FEA Election Information Page

Ballots will be mailed to all FEA Active Members on February 28, 2014. Votes will be counted April 23 and 24, 2014, with results posted on the FEA Web site by April 25.

Here are the nominees:


Europe North Area Director

Lisa Garmon Ali, Feltwell ES
Dana Cottrell, Bitburg HS

Europe South Area Director

Terese M. Sarno, Ramstein Intermediate
Alex F. Veto, Vilseck HS

Pacific Area Director

Randal J. Ricks, Lester MS
George W. Riley, Daegu HS
Trevor E. Stanton, Sullivans ES

FEA Director for DDESS

Laurel Dawson, Ft. Knox
Jane Loggins, Ft. Campbell
Michael Minutelli, Ft. Stewart
Deborah S. Scobey, Ft. Jackson